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About Us

Ningbo Hi-Tech ADK Network Technologies Co.,Ltd     Ningbo Hi-Tech ADK Network Technologies Co.,Ltd     (Brand: ADK) located in the Ningbo National Hi-tech Zone, is a professional optical network products and technical services provider. We are committed to providing customers around the world to provide comprehensive products, the latest technology and professional services to help customers to build high-quality network platform, combined with the actual needs of customers, and providing individualized to meet customer demand for a comprehensive solution.   We offer the whole range of equipment for fiber optic, GEPON, Ethernet and CATV network, including :fiber cable, optical cable, fiber optic cable, optical fiber patchcord, Fiber optic splice closure, optical fiber...

Catalogue and Products

Optical Passive Series

Optical Coupler

1x16 Optical coupler, 1x16 Optical coupler, 1x12 Optical coupler, 1x 12 Optical coupler, 1x8 Optical coupler, 1x8 Optical coupler, 1x8 Optical coupler, 1x4 Optical coupler, 1x4 Optical coupler, 1x24 Optical coupler, rack, 1x20 Optical coupler,rack, 1x16 Optical coupler, rack, 1x12 Optical coupler, rack, 3x3 Optical coupler, 1x3 Optical coupler, 2x2 Optical coupler, 1x2 Optical coupler, 1x2 Optical coupler, 1x2 Optical coupler,

Optical Coupler(Rack-19)

Optical Distribution Frame

optical distribution frame FDB-12-1U, optical distribution frame FDB-24-1U, optical distribution frame FDB-24-D-1U, optical distribution frame FDB-24-R-1U, optical distribution frame FDB-48-R-2U, Optical fiber splice & distribution module FSDM-72-4U,

Optical Fiber Adaptor

E2000 Optical fiber adaptor OFAT-E2000/APC-E2000/APC-DC, FC Optical fiber adaptor OFAT-FC/APC-R-SD, Optical fiber adaptor OFAT-FC/APC-S, SC Optical fiber adaptor OFAT-SC/APC-S, SC Optical fiber adaptor OFAT-SC/APC-DS, Optical fiber adaptor OFAT-FC/PC-R-SD, Optical fiber adaptor OFAT-SC/PC-S, ST Optical fiber adaptor OFAT-ST/PC-R, LC Optical fiber adaptor OFAT-LC/PC-S, Optical fiber adaptor OFAT-LC/PC-DS, FC/SC Optical fiber adaptor OFAT-FC-SC-M, Optical fiber hybrid adaptor OFAT-FC-ST-M, Optical fiber hybrid adaptor OFAT-SC-ST-DM,

Optical Fiber Closure

Horizontal Fiber Optic Splice Closure FSC-A018, Horizontal Fiber Optic Splice Closure FSC-A023, Horizontal Fiber Optic Splice Closure FSC-A024, Vertical Fiber Optic Splice Closure FSC-B037, Vertical Fiber Optic Splice Closure FSC-B010, Vertical Fiber Optic Splice Closure FSC-C031, Vertical Fiber Optic Splice Closure FSC-C037, Horizontal Fiber Optic Splice Closure FSC-C024, Vertical Fiber Optic Splice Closure FSC-C032, Horizontal Fiber Optic Splice Closure FSC-D018, Vertical Fiber Optic Splice Closure FSC-E031, Vertical Fiber Optic Splice Closure FSC-E032,

Optical Fiber Fan-out Pigtail

Optical Fiber Patchcord

Optical fiber patch cord FPT-FC/APC-FC/APC-SM, Optical fiber patchcord FPT-SC/APC-SC/APC-SM, Fiber patchcord FPT-2SC/APC-2SC/APC-SM, ST MM Optical fiber patch cord FPT-ST/PC-ST/PC-MM, LC fiber patch cord FPT-LC/PC-LC/PC-SM, MTRJ Optical fiber patch cord FPT-MTRJ(F)-MTRJ(F)-MM, LC/ST Optical fiber patch cord FPT-LC/UPC-ST/UPC-SM, LC/SC Optical fiber patch cord FPT-LC/UPC-SC/UPC-SM, FC/SC Optical fiber patch cord FPT-SC/APC-FC/UPC-SM, ST/LC MM Optical fiber patch cord FPT-SC/PC-LC/PC-MM, SC/ST MM Optical fiber patch cord FPT-SC/PC-ST/PC-MM,

Optical Fiber Pigtail

Optical fiber pigtail OPT-FC/APC-SM, Optical fiber pigtail OPT-SC/APC-SM, SC fiber pigtail OPT-SC/PC-SM, ST Optical fiber pigtail OPT-ST/UPC-SM, LC Optical fiber pigtail OPT-LC/APC-SM, ST MM Optical fiber pigtail OPT-ST/PC-MM,

Optical Fiber Termination Box

FTTH indoor optical fiber terminal box FTB-A24, FTTH indoor optical fiber terminal box FTB-B12, FTTH indoor optical fiber terminal box FTB-C16, FTTH indoor optical fiber terminal box FTB-D24, FTTH indoor optical fiber terminal box FTB-E12, optical fiber terminal box FTB-F24, indoor optical fiber terminal box FTB-G12, FTTH optical fiber terminal box FTB-H24,

Optical Cable Series

Optical Fiber Cable(indoor)

GJFBZY fiber optic cable, GYC8ZY optical fiber cable, GYFBZY optical fiber cable, GJFJV/GJFJZY optical fiber cable, GJFJBV/GJFJBZY optical fiber cable, GJFDBV/GJFDBZY optical fiber cable, GJBFJV/GJBFJH optical fiber cable,

Optical Fiber Cable(outdoor)

GYTA optical fiber cable, GYTS optical fiber cable, GYTA53 optical fiber cable, GYTY53 optical fiber cable, GYFTY optical fiber cable, GYXTW optical fiber cable, GYTC8S optical fiber cable,

Optical Tool Series


AQ1200 Yokogawa OTDR, AQ7275 Yokogawa OTDR, FTB-150 EXFO OTDR, FTB-200 EXFO OTDR, Chinese OTDR AV6416, Chinese OTDR AV6413, Chinese OTDR AV4000, Chinese OTDR AV6418, FTB-720 EXFO OTDR,

Optical Fiber Splicer & Toolkit

FSM-60S Fujikura fusion splicer, Chinese fusion splicer, FSP-100, Chinese fusion splicer, FSP-500, CT-30A Fujikura high precision cleaver,, Chinese Multi-action Cleaver, FC-100, High quality optical fiber tool box, TKT-17, High quality optical fiber tool box, TKT-22,

Optical Test Instrument

Fiber fault locator FFL-304, Optical light source OLS-109, Optical light source OLS-4, Optical fiber identifier OFI-3, Pen type visual fault locator VFL-105P,

GEPON Series

Optical Line Termination

Optical line termination OLT2000, Optical line termination OLT1500, Optical line termination OLT1000C,

Optical Network Unit

Optical network unit M3-0421, Optical network unit M3-0420, Optical network unit M3-0400, Optical network unit ONU400C, Optical network unit ONU1000C,

PLC Splitter/PON WDM

1x64 PLC splitter, 1x32 PLC splitter, 1x16 PLC splitter, 1x8 PLC splitter,, 1x4 PLC splitter, 1x2 PLC splitter, 1x64 PLC splitter, metal box, 1x32 PLC splitter, metal box, 1x16 PLC splitter, metal box, 1x8 PLC splitter,metal box,

HFC/CATV Network Series

CATV Amplifier

Outdoor sub-trunk CATV amplifier APF2600-R-ST, Outdoor sub-trunk CATV amplifier APF2600-ST, Outdoor trunk CATV amplifier APF2400-AGC-R, Trunk CATV amplifier APF2400-AGC, Indoor CATV amplifier APF2000-R, CATV amplifier APF2000, House CATV amplifier APF1500-R, Home CATV amplifier APF1500,

CATV Connector

CATV connector 5&8-75, CATV connector 5&8FT-11A, CATV connector 5&8FT-11C, CATV connector 5&8M-11A(3-piece), CATV connector 5&8M-15A, CATV connector 5&8M-500A, CATV connector 90-IECM, CATV connector BL-F, CATV connector F6 compression(metal), CATV connector F6 compression (plastic), CATV connector F6C, CATV connector F6T, CATV connector F11C, CATV connector F11C waterproof, CATV adapter IECF-FF, CATV adapter IECF-IECF, CATV adapter IECM-FF, CATV connector IECM6C-TV-jack, CATV adapter--RF(female) to F, CATV adapter RF(male) to F, CATV connector RG6 compression waterproof,

CATV Splitter/Tap

Outdoor CATV sub-trunk 8-way tap OWT-8xx-ST, CATV sub-trunk 4-way tap OWT-4xx-ST, CATV splitter&tap OWT-2xx-ST, Outdoor CATV trunk 2-way tap OWT-2xx, Outdoor CATV trunk 1-way tap OWT-1xx, CATV trunk 3-way splitter OWS-3, Outdoor CATV trunk 2-way splitter OWS-2, Indoor CATV 4-way tap WT-4xx, CATV 3-way tap WT-3xx, CATV 2-way tap WT-2xx, Indoor CATV 1-way tap WT-1xx, Indoor CATV 6-way splitter WS-6, CATV 4-way splitter WS-4, Indoor CATV 3-way splitter WS-3, CATV 2-way splitter WS-2,


Compression Tool Digicon by Antec, TOOL For Terminators, Crimp Tool, Compression Tool, QR540 Tool, CATV Terminators,

Coaxial Cable

RG6 coaxial Cable, F11 coaxial Cable F11-60BVF-CCS, F11 coaxial Cable F11-60BVM-CCS, F11 coaxial Cable F11-60BV, F59 Coaxial Cable F59-95BV, F59 Coaxial Cable F59-95BV-CCS, F59 Coaxial cable F59-67BV-CCS, F11 coaxial Cable F11-60BV-CCS,


EDFA (EDFA1550-26), EDFA1550 25dB, EDFA1550 24dB, EDFA1550 23dB, EDFA1550 22dB, EDFA1550 21dB, EDFA1550 20dB, EDFA1550 19dB, EDFA1550 18dB, EDFA1550 17dB, EDFA1550 16dB,

Optical Receiver

CATV Optical receiver OR5400-R(2mW), Optical receiver OR5400-R(1mW), CATV Optical receiver OR5400, CATV Optical receiver OR5300-R(2mW), Optical receiver OR5300-R(1mW), Optical receiver OR5300, CATV Optical receiver OR5200-R(2mW), Optical receiver OR5200-R(1mW), CATV Optical receiver OR5200, FTTH optical receiver OR3300P, FTTH indoor optical receiver OR3200C, FTTH optical receiver OR3100,

Optical Transmitter

Direct modulation optical transmitter OT1550D-xx, Externally modulated optical transmitter OT1550E-xx, 1310nm Optical transmitter OT1310-18O, Optical transmitter OT1310-20O, 1310 Optical transmitter OT1310-24O, Optical transmitter OT1310-18A, 1310nm Optical transmitter OT1310-20A, Optical transmitter OT1310-24A, Optical transmitter XESTON DFB laser OT1310-16X, Optical transmitter OT1310-18X, 1310nm Optical transmitter OT1310-20X,

Signal Level Meter

Ethernet Network Equipment

Ethernet Router

SOHO 802.11N Wireless router, 150M wireless router, SOHO 802.11G Wireless router, SOHO broadband router&Ethernet router, Optical wireless router WR300F,

Ethernet Switch

Ethernet fiber switch FS-3026, Fiber switch FS-3017, Ethernet switch FS-2007S, Fiber switch FS-2007D, Ethernet fiber switch FS-2005S, Fiber switch FS-2005D,

Media Converter

Ethernet media converter, MM, Fast media converter, SM, 20km, Fast media converter, SM, SF,20km, Media converter, SM,SF,20km, Media converter, SM,SF,40km, 1000M, media converter, DF, 20km, 1000M media converter, SF, 20km, Fast media converter, SM, 20km, SFP media converter, 1.25G SFP media converter, SFP media converter, Media converter rack, 16slots, SNMP, Media converter rack, 16slots, Media converter rack, 14slots, SFP media converter, SNMP, 1000M media converter, card, 10/100M Ethernet media converter, 10/100M Ethernet media converter, SNMP, Fast media converter, 10/100M media converter,card, 10/100M media converter, MM,

Network Cable

SFP&XFP Module

1.25G SFP module BD SFP-1.25G-40, 1.25G Bi-Di SFP module BD SFP-1.25G-20, 1.25G BD SFP module 10km BD SFP-1.25G-10, 155M BiDi SFP module BD SFP-155M-20, 80km 1.25G SFP module SFP-1.25G-80, SFP module SFP-1.25G-40, 1.25G 20km SFP module SFP-1.25G-20, 1.25G MM SFP module SFP-1.25G-2, 1000M SFP module SFP-10/100/1000-C, 10G XFP module XFP-10G-40, XFP module XFP-10G-10, 10G MM XFP module XFP-10G-300,

Security & Monitor System

Digital optical transceiver&receiver VOT-1VTR-1DTR-S20F, Digital optical transceiver&receiver VOT-1VTR-1ATR-1DTR-S20F, Digital optical transceiver&receiver VOT-4VTR-4ATR-1DTR-S20F, Digital optical transceiver&receiver VOT-8VTR-8ATR-1DTR-S20F, Digital optical transceiver&receiver VOT-12VTR-1ATR-1DTR-S20F, Digital optical transceiver&receiver VOT-16VTR-1ATR-1DTR-S20F, Digital video recorder DVR-16, Digital video recorder DVR-8, High speed dome camera HSDC-480,

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